Transaction Advisors Enterprise Subscription

Members of the Transaction Advisors Enterprise Subscription Program receive:

  • Unlimited subscriptions for Transaction Advisors
  • Unlimited free tuition for the M&A Academy
  • Unlimited free registrations for the M&A Conferences

  • The M&A Journal publishes select videos, white papers, technical articles, and research studies on the critical issues impacting corporate transaction planning, structuring, and execution.

    The M&A Conference Series gathers our subscribers - corporate executives,
    board members, and private equity investors - to consider the latest strategies and discuss critical issues impacting corporate transaction planning, structuring, and execution.  

    The M&A Academy is an elite training program on the material negotiation issues and offers guidance on managing the deal process across functional areas within the organization and with external advisors.

    Some of the most sophisticated and active in-house M&A professionals look to Transaction Advisors for practical information and perspective to improve their deal process and performance.