Big Data Via Satellite

NSR brings yet another industry-first study on satellite industry prospects from Big Data. Technology shifts have reduced data acquisition, storage and processing costs, while data sources have increased exponentially that could help derive more intelligence from business processes. This NSR report provides a comprehensive picture of how the satellite industry can leverage the wave of Big Data applications and increase revenue generation potential, by taking a deep dive across different industries and leveraging NSR’s knowledge on the subject from its legacy reports on Satellite Earth Observation and M2M/IoT.

NSR’s new report provides a complete state-of-the-market analysis and revenue forecasts of Big Data from satellite services for both Satellite Communications and Satellite Earth Observation markets.  The focus of this report is primarily on the revenue opportunity for both data-capture and analytical services that companies can provide by adopting a Big Data approach, where satellite is one of the sensors in the ecosystem. The business models that companies are adopting are reviewed and a 360-degree qualitative analysis of each vertical market helps readers determine if the promise of Big Data from satellite-based services will be matched by market development and revenue opportunity. 

Apart from being the first market report on this nascent industry, Big Data via Satellite builds onNSR’s leadership in the areas of Satellite M2M/IoT and Satellite Earth Observation research. This report delves into the transformational role that satellite Big Data is expected to play in adding value to the entire ecosystem of satellite services, and even beyond it. The report also answers the question frequently posed to satellite companies – Are investments in Big Data going to provide returns? If yes, what should be your Big Data strategy?