Public Stats™ - Acquired Public Company Transaction Comparables

Public Stats is a comprehensive online database that includes 3,815+ transactions that detail the 100% sale of publicly held companies. With up to 64 data points and five valuation multiples on each transaction, it is a natural extension to Pratt’s Stats.

This valuable resource allows you to easily compare your target company to public company transactions and apply the market approach to determine fair market value. In addition, you can use the data to perform financial research on comparable company pricing, support conclusions of fair value for financial reporting, or solicit approval for an acquisition.

Public Stats users enjoy:

  • Easily search 3,815+ transactions, captured specifically with the business appraiser in mind. Search by SIC code, net sales, profitability margins, assets, and get hard-to-find data on deal structures, including payment terms and purchase price allocations

  • Bolster your conclusions with up to five valuation multiples and 13 financial ratios organized by profitability, leverage, liquidity, and activity ratios – details that identify the most reliable value drivers for a set of comparable transactions

  • Track historic and current valuation multiple trends with detailed charts and graphs and export the data directly into Microsoft Excel to easily view and sort

  • Get a detailed transaction
  • Subscription duration is one year.