Corporate Development Forum and Chicago M&A Conference | September 13 -14, 2017

Wednesday, September 13th

The Corporate Development Forum is an invitation-only round table meeting to discuss and consider the internal and external issues that are unique to the in-house M&A role. 

The aim of the Forum is to bring together senior professionals for a candid and off-the-record discussion to help advance the professional practice and understanding of current M&A issues and methods.


 Internal Considerations

  •  Taking control of the M&A strategy
  • Getting the Board on board
  • Metrics for reporting deal success
  • Integration methods and mistakes

External Considerations

  • Navigating the regulatory environment
  • Characteristics of good M&A advisors
  • Planning for unanticipated problems
  • Selling deals to the Street

The forum will end with a dinner at the Columbia Yacht Club.

Click here for a detailed forum agenda.


Thursday, September 14th

This Chicago M&A Conference will provide public company executives, corporate directors, and private equity investors with practical information and perspective on the latest strategies and considerations in the structuring and execution of complex corporate transactions.  


  • Methods for Developing a Rigorous M&A Strategy
  • Update on M&A Tax Structures and Opinions
  • Innovations in Transaction Financing
  • Planning, Negotiating, and Executing Cross-border Transactions
  • Briefing on Navigating Regulatory and Antitrust Issues in M&A
  • Considerations Associated with Buying Innovation
  • Why Transactions Fail
  • Current Challenges in M&A Governance Achieving
  • Postmerger Synergies and a Successful Integration

The conference will end with an elegant wine reception.

Click here for a detailed conference agenda.