Global Satellite Capacity Supply and Demand , 14th Edition

The past year has seen several billion dollars invested in the satellite telecom sector, and radically new and different business models continue to gain traction despite a plethora of challenges. Not a month goes by today without a major, industry-altering announcement related to supply of capacity or demand for services. NSR’s Global Satellite Capacity Supply & Demand, 14th Edition delves into these developments, providing a quantitative dataset and thorough qualitative analysis, allowing the reader to better understand this rapidly changing industry. NSR’s GSCSD14shines a light on key industry capacity questions, including:

  • How does the recent ramp-up of HTS investments (both GEO and Non-GEO) impact the future industry outlook?
  • Which satellite operators have best-positioned themselves in this rapidly changing world of satellite telecom, and which operators are setting themselves up for future challenges?
  • Which applications are likely to soak up the glut of capacity launching between now and 2020? And at what price point will these applications be able to flourish?
  • How is satellite capacity pricing expected to develop over the coming 10 years?

Drawing from NSR’s extensive databases and over 17+ years of satellite industry data, GSCSD14 quantifies the dramatic changes taking place in the satellite industry both now and over the next decade.  With data from NSR’s library of reports, combined with the company’s signature holistic analysis, GSCSD14 is the go-to tool for a top-down, macro understanding of the industry, with sufficiently granular data points to allow for bottom-up, in-depth understanding of specific markets and trends.

Containing over one thousand supply, demand, and revenue forecasts and regional market share estimates complemented by NSR’s in-depth qualitative analysis, GSCSD14 leaves no stone unturned, and provides coverage of all major trends impacting the industry today & tomorrow.