Linear TV via Satellite  9th Edition

NSR’s Linear TV via Satellite, 9th Edition provides a thorough analysis of the state of DTH and Video Distribution markets globally. With headlines giving considerable attention to OTT, it is sometimes easy to forget that video markets remain the single largest driver of satellite revenues worldwide, and are expected to continue to do so moving forward. Linear TV 9 assesses the long-term profitability of the linear video markets in the ‘new normal’ of endless video and entertainment options over the next decade. The report provides deep insight into the rapidly changing satellite video markets, enabling decision makers to create well informed long term business strategies to align with regional and global trends.

Key questions addressed in the study include:

  • What can satellite operators do to ensure continued long term revenue streams in the face of ever-expanding consumer entertainment options?
  • What impact is Ultra HD having on overall leasing revenues in each region, and how soon will this become standard in DTH packages?
  • Will the number of SD channels peak?
  • What impact will OTT have on the number of channels being offered by DTH, Cable and IPTV platforms?
  • Which regions will see the greatest switchover from SD to HD, and HD to Ultra HD content?