Land Mobile via Satellite Markets, 4th Edition

Amidst a strong push towards high-bandwidth capacity, the land-mobile via satellite market is continuing on its path to growth with more satellites launched and new products developed to an ever-widening market for enterprise and consumers. 

The long-standing analysis of operators and segments of this established satellite market is what NSR's Land-Mobile via Satellite, 4th Edition (LMvS4) offers to help assess the latest development of both MSS and FSS as well as the new GEO-HTS and non-GEO HTS markets globally.  

This new NSR report includes extensive analysis of addressable markets, operator market shares, vertical segment forecasts, pricing, in-service units and revenue. 

The report takes an in-depth look at land-mobile services for both voice and data, and offers a complete assessment and forecast of commercial bandwidth and capacity demand for all regions over the next ten years.