Satellite Capacity Pricing Index, 2nd Edition

NSR’s Satellite Capacity Pricing Index, 2nd Edition (Q4 2016) addresses the critical question: how much does satellite capacity really cost? With detailed pricing information gathered from both global and regional satellite operators, as well as Service Providers, NSR’s Satellite Capacity Pricing Index, 2nd Edition (Q4 2016) offers a comprehensive & unbiased understanding of why satellite capacity pricing is evolving as it is, and where it may go in the future.

The satellite industry is in a period of rapid transition, with business models, value chains, and technological innovation all being turned on their heads due to an onslaught of capacity from players new and old.

At the center of this transition is the evolution satellite capacity pricing, with this having a direct impact on top-line revenues and bottom-line margins for all players in the satellite ecosystem. NSR’s Satellite Capacity Pricing Index, 2nd Edition (Q4 2016) provides a thorough analysis of not only the actual price of satellite capacity by region, application, and frequency band, but also the factors influencing price, and answers such questions as:

  • What is the price of satellite capacity on an Mbps and MHz basis in all regions, applications and bands?
  • What difference can be expected between the “rate card” price, and the price paid by anchor customers in mobility, DTH, and other verticals?
  • In what regions has HTS had the most dramatic impact, and in what regions will this impact be most felt moving forward?
  • Which regions have seen pricing distortions due to unconventional bulk leasing patterns or other recent developments? How have large contracts impacted pricing in unusual ways?
  • How does the spectrum of pricing differ regionally and by frequency band?
  • How has pricing evolved over the past 5 years, and how has it evolved as compared to NSR’s Q1 2016 study?