Satellite Manufacturing and Launch Services, 7th Edition

With new business models from LEO to GEO, commercial to government, and communications to Earth Observation, the satellite industry is in a period of change. How will satellite manufacturing and launch demand evolve in the next decade? In its 7th edition, NSR’s industry leading assessment of the global satellite manufacturing and launch services market provides a unique and comprehensive view into short and long term trends in satellite applications, order rates, mass, and pricing; with an exclusive look at the competitive dynamics among integrators and launch service providers.

Satellite Manufacturing and Launch Services, 7th Edition addresses the key questions facing manufacturers and launch service providers:

  • How are commercial operators approaching CAPEX and satellite design decisions in an increasingly competitive market?
  • Will the satellite manufacturing and launch industry become increasingly global, for both customers and competitors?
  • What impact will smallsats have on demand from traditional communications and Earth Observation players?
  • Will government satellite spending continue to grow?
  • How will satellite mass trends evolve in the next decade?
  • Can reusable launch vehicles lead the market to elasticity of demand?