Small Satellite Markets, 3rd Edition

Small Satellite Markets, 3rd Edition (SSM3) delivers the next chapter in NSR’s analysis of this fast growing market and the new applications, players, and technologies that facilitate such growth. Assessing satellites between 1 and 100 kilograms, SSM3 takes a critical view of the capabilities and potential of these small platforms for Commercial, Government, Military and University players.

Building on NSR’s detailed database of past and current small satellite projects complemented with primary research and conversations with players across the value chain, SSM3 presents a thorough analysis of the present market state and emerging dynamics that will drive future activity.

The now regular emergence of constellation projects and investors placing a stake in their view of the “killer app” of small sats mean expanded opportunities for manufacturers and launch service providers offering the right value proposition. In SSM3, NSR quantifies this opportunity by mass segment, application, and region, providing a detailed look at where the market is headed over the next decade.

SSM3 addresses the key questions, including:

  • Will government and military operators embrace the small sat value proposition?
  • To what extent will launch access remain a barrier to market growth?
  • Can all constellation projects succeed?
  • Which applications will drive activity in the next decade?
  • How will SWaP constraints impact market evolution?